KBS NEWS - Hanatek System “Right Turning Vehicle Pedestrian Warning System; Application Case at Gwacheon City




The “Right Turning Vehicle Pedestrian Warning System” technology jointly applied for patent by Hanatek System and Gwacheon City. This technology has been applied to Gwacheon City. The right turning vehicle pedestrian warning system is a system that induces deceleration and stopping of the vehicle by indicating the presence of pedestrians on the electric display. To prevent accidents between vehicles and pedestrians, traffic regulations on right-turns have been revised since January 2022. If a vehicle turns right before pedestrians complete walking the crosswalk, it is believed that the driver violated his duty to protect pedestrians. The driver is subject to 10 penalty points and a fine of 60,000 won for a passenger car and 70,000 won for a van. In case of 2 violations, the car insurance will have a 5% premium incurred in the following year. In case of 4 or more violations, up to a 10% premium will be incurred. Also, if an accident occurs while turning right, it is understood as 12 gross negligence and imprisonment for not more than 5 years or a fine of not more than 20M won. Administrative and criminal punishments such as license suspension, fines and penalty points can be applied. In some districts, a dedicated right-turn signal is installed, but when pedestrians cross the street, vehicles turning right may cause an accident without recognizing the presence of pedestrians. To prevent such cases in advance, Hanatek System has developed a system to prevent accidents by detecting pedestrians in the crosswalk and intuitively notifying the driver of the presence of pedestrians in right-turning vehicles.

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